Healthy Happy Business Travel

Today’s technology powers freakish mobility that can generate opportunities for income and growth for business-people willing to travel. But if frequent travelers fail to maintain healthy habits while they travel, they can develop serious health problems.

The key is to remember who is traveling – You! Think about this: don’t you set up your office just how you want it? You add a plant, pictures of your loved ones, art work and memorabilia. You get the chair you want or the desk you want or that special phone headset.

And you probably plan some nutritious meals and know just where to indulge in a coffee-latte break. And you maintain an exercise routine you need to stay healthy and focused…or at least you know you should.

So, if you have to travel a lot for business, approach business travels the same way you approach your life and work in your home community.

1. Invest in an ergonomic keyboard for your personal computer or smart pad.
2. Get the right pillow for your flight.
3. Pick shoes that are comfortable and supportive.
4. Add pictures of loved ones as your wall paper and screen saver for your cell phone and personal computer.
5. Invest in a blue tooth headset for those frequent cell phone conversations.
6. Before travel, search the ‘net for good food options both for meals out and for between meal refreshments while on your trip.
7. Stick to your exercise routine while you travel.
8. Bring a small blue tooth speaker so you can stream your favorite music in your room.
9. Before you travel, schedule Face Time meetings with friends or family so you stay connected to those you love most while you are away from them.
10. Don’t schedule every minute of your trip. Leave room for rest or spontaneity.

This is your life, your work, your job, your custom-made work environment. Business travelers who recognize and understand this can be far healthier and happier in their work.

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