Our Approach

InsureStays, dba of Sandhills Insurance Group, LLC is a licensed insurance agency specializing in the needs of the vacation rentals, property management, and corporate housing markets. InsureStays partners with highly rated underwriters, brokers, agents, TPAs and technology providers to develop insurance and protection programs and services that fulfill the specific needs of the manager, traveler or renter.

InsureStays solutions cover a wide array of needs. Custom insurance and property protection programs include Trip Cancellation, Lodging Protection, Liability, Rental Damage Protection, Corporate Damage Protection, and Renters Insurance.

InsureStays partners with unique and innovative web-based service and support platforms to automate transactions, reduce time-to-market, increase accuracy and efficiency, optimize compliance, enhance customer service, reduce paper-flow, and improve results and success.

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InsureStays' mission is to collaborate with underwriters, brokers, agents, and technology providers to foster the development, distribution, and support of superior travel, rental, and property protection programs tailored to the unique needs of property managers and owners, travelers and renters, and software service providers throughout the US and beyond.

Why InsureStays?

Focused on Results

InsureStays' complete array of custom insurance and property protection products and services empower:

  • Property Managers
  • Homeowners
  • Software Service Providers
  • Renters and Travelers
  • Retailers

These solutions protect the managers, the property owners and travel and rental guests vested in needs related to short term stays.

InsureStays provides comprehensive product, sales and service, and administrative training to retailers across the country interested in fulfilling the coverage needs of parties and customers vital to their businesses.

InsureStays “one-to-many” structure ensures that clients gain access to superior insurance programs across multiple regions at competitive prices for managers, owners, and travel and rental guests, wherever they are located, and wherever they’re going to.

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Our Distribution Partners

InsureStays Markets:

Vacation Rental
  • Brokerages
  • Software Providers
  • Listing Portals
Corporate Housing
  • Corporate Housing
  • Furnished Apartments
  • Sublets
And Much More!
  • Rental Aggregation Services
  • Affinity Groups and Clubs
  • And Many More

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