Our Distribution Partners

Insurance & Service Providers

The InsureStays network of insurance professionals, program underwriters, and related service providers includes:
  • Certain Underwriters at Lloyds of London
  • Co-ordinated Benefit Plans
  • Evanston Insurance Company (Markel Corp)
  • Lyndon Southern Insurance Company
  • Meridian Management Group
  • Nationwide Mutual and Affiliated Companies
  • Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada
  • On Call International
  • TERN Financial
  • Trawick International

Web-based distribution and online service support for Insurestays is powered by www.RentalGuardian.com

InsureStays unique distribution model links underwriters, agents, and program participants to web-based distribution and service platforms.

The Insurestays distribution model supports timely, accurate, and ethical administration, document delivery, notice, and disclosure to travelers, renters, property owners, and professional property managers via real-time API and bulk data upload functionalities.

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InsureStays, dba of Sandhills Insurance Group, LLC is a licensed insurance agency. 

RentalGuardian.com is not a licensed insurance agency.  Only licensed agents are qualified to evaluate the adequacy of coverage or provide detailed explanations of coverage provisions, terms, and conditions.