How InsureStays is Changing the Vacation Rentals Industry

Insurestays combines superior travel insurance and rental damage protection product distribution with powerful technologies resulting in more revenue and less hassle to property managers.
Our Companies
RentalGuardian is an online software integration and administration system for various travel insurance and property protection programs.
InsureStays handles the insurance aspects of our business, including sales and service training, program development, and licensing and compliance support.
How It Works
Because you already capture guest and property data with each booking, it makes sense to leverage that same data to add various coverage solutions such as travel insurance or accidental damage protection. Most property managers fully integrate via RentalGuardian API; others choose regular upload reporting.
Available Products
Property protection programs protect both the manager and the property owner from various liability risks arising out of the business of renting properties.
Travel Insurance protects travelers from various risks incidental to planned travel such as trip interruption, trip delay, trip cancellation, lost baggage and more.
Custom Solutions
We recognize that each business is unique in how it integrates with us and in how it relates to the property owners it serves, so we offer a client-centric, tailored approach that includes:
  • Integration and OnBoarding at-no-charge
  • Generous Revenue Opportunities and Incentive Programs
  • Training and technological supports that position the products, enhance guest-experience, reduce administrative burdens, increase sales, and more.
If you’d like to schedule a call, please reply or respond on the contact form one of our Sales Team members will reach out to you.
David Hays
About David: David is a co-founder of RentalGuardian and InsureStays.  His mission is to deliver superior products at competitive prices through consistent, ongoing service.
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