The below guidance relates to travel protection programs, and is not intended for Master Cancel, Damage Protection, and Liability protection programs.

Attention Travel Retailers: We have received many inquiries regarding the rebooking and modifying of existing trips.  Per previous guidance issued by InsureStays, travelers may modify an existing booking with you and keep their current travel protection coverage.  For trips impacted by COVID-19,  modified stay dates must be within 18 months of the originally booked stay dates.

One request we have received numerous times is to upgrade an existing standard travel protection policy to the CFAR program.  All such requests made after 14 days from the original booking date will be denied.  CFAR must be purchased within 14 days of the original booking date.

The below actions by authorized travel retailers of InsureStays are not permitted and may constitute fraudulent activity by retailers and/or consumers:

  • Modifying the original booking date so as re-establish eligibility to add standard travel insurance coverage or CFAR coverage to the stay.
  • Cancelling, then rebooking a stay for the same traveling party under a different name so as to obtain standard travel insurance coverage or CFAR coverage.
  • Cancelling, then rebooking a stay made after the free-look period with the primary intent of adding the CFAR coverage.

These activities all constitute attempts at “buying” the refund with prior knowledge of loss and as such are disallowed.

Please be advised that stays for which the original booking dates are changed or rescheduled are generally considered modifications; this includes stay date changes involving voucher, coupon and points programs. If you have additional questions regarding eligibility for coverage or program benefits, please email [email protected]. For technical support,  email [email protected].