Newsletter July 9, 2020

Your Guide to Success

InsureStays partners with leading technology partners to provide outstanding, up-to-date, transferable training and information to its travel retailers.

Eligibility for coverage is a core concern for retailers.  By understanding and adhering to program purchase rules, retailers can increase opportunities for their travelers to obtain coverage while preventing misunderstandings.

We have partnered with RentalGuardian to present an easy to follow video guide to purchase rules here:  VIDEO.  We recommend presenting the purchase rule video with your team, followed up by a group discussion. Please review this guide and email [email protected] if you have any questions.


Our Stay-feed blog, published on the InsureStays website, contains vital updates on new products, hurricane and other travel alerts, FAQs, program updates, and important retailer guidance.  Our retailers and staff overseeing travel protection sales activities should bookmark the Stay-feed and add it to your favorites on your browser:

What is the “Free-look period”

The free-look period is the period of time an insurance purchaser has to review the policy purchased, and if not satisfied, refuse coverage and receive a full premium refund.  The free-look period for most states is 10 days. To allow for any delay between purchase and actual receipt of the purchased policy, RentalGuardian is configured to allow the retailer to order cancellation of coverage at the request of their guests for up to 15 days after purchase; afterwards, you can contact [email protected] if you need an exception.  Common exceptions include instances where the traveler did not receive the delivered policy and instances where a traveler mistakenly enrolled or was mistakenly enrolled during the booking process.

Technology that Makes Travel Protection Easy

RentalGuardian makes offering travel protection easy.  By powering integrated solutions, RentalGuardian helps property managers automate document delivery to guests, manage and administrate payments, and assist guests in obtaining superior coverage.


RentalGuardian provides every account offering damage protection an industry- leading claims tool that eliminates paper claim forms and the fax machines for good.

Whenever guest-caused damage occurs, you can simply

  1. Log in to your RentalGuardian PAM account
  2. Find the traveler record and click on the Open New Claim button
  3. Enter claim Details
  4. Upload Documents such as pictures of the damage and repair and replacement receipts and Submit.

The program underwriters log in to PAM and administer the claim right in our system!  You can view status and receive real-time updates.  Now, armed only with an iPad or smart phone, your team can facilitate easy, fast damage claim submissions and quickly receive reimbursements directly to your mailbox.

Watch these videos to see how fast and easy claims with RentalGuardian can be: LINK.  The RentalGuardian support team is ready to help you: just email your request to [email protected] or contact your account manager.

Product Spotlight: CFAR

Travel protection with Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage is the talk of the industry.  For a charge of 9.8% of trip cost, your guest can protect 100% of the booking cost, up to $100,000, for over 30 covered cancellation, interruption, and delay reasons.  Additionally, if your guest decides to cancel at least 48 hours prior to the trip departure date, and the reason is not listed in the policy as a covered reason, your guest will still receive a 60% reimbursement on a claim.

CFAR can be purchased within 14 days of booking, provided that the CFAR purchase is not made within 30 days of the trip departure date.  CFAR is not available to residents of New Hampshire, New York, and Washington and eligibility is limited to trips of 90 days or less.

Talk about a motivator: whether it’s a pandemic concern, the sudden chance to participate in a Ninja warrior contest, or the guest just doesn’t feel like traveling, your guests can book with confidence knowing that no matter what happens they can purchase CFAR protection, cancel for any reason and still receive the majority of the booking fees back.

You can get loads of details on the CFAR program at

Contact your sales rep for more information or email [email protected] to add this product to your account.