What is the Free-Look Period?

The Free-Look Period is the period of time an insurance purchaser has to review the policy purchased, and if not satisfied, refuse coverage and receive a full premium refund. 

The free-look period for most states is 10 days. To allow for any delay between purchase and actual receipt of the purchased policy, RentalGuardian is configured to allow the retailer to order cancellation of coverage at the request of their guests for up to 15 days after purchase.

At times, exceptions to the Free Look Period may be granted. Common exceptions include:

  • Instances where the traveler did not receive the delivered policy
  • Instances where a traveler mistakenly enrolled or was mistakenly enrolled during the booking process.

For InsureStays retailers with RentalGuardian® accounts needing to allow a policy cancellation after 15 days, you may contact RentalGuardian Support by emailing: [email protected] to request an exception.