CFAR Purchase Rule Update

No Sales of CFAR within 30 days of Trip Start Date 

 Attention Travel Retailers of InsureStays 

 Due to industry trends and current circumstances, Nationwide has directed that InsureStays cease permitting sales of PTNW CFAR and other Nationwide® underwritten CFAR programs for bookings made within 30 days of trip departure date (aka trip start date). 

In summary, the purchase rules for CFAR are as follows: 

  • Purchases of CFAR at time of booking are permitted. 
  • Purchases of CFAR made within 14 days of booking are permitted, so long as the booking is made more than 30 days prior to the trip start date. 
  • No Purchases of CFAR made within 30 days of trip departure date are permitted. 

 Retailers of InsureStays are encouraged to offer CFAR to eligible travelers and to offer standard travel protection to travelers not eligible for CFAR.  In doing so, you can add revenue, motivate your travelers to book with confidence, and help your guests obtain superior coverage. 

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