Storm Florence Guidance for Travelers Covered by Play Travel Protection

Concerning storm Florence and Play Travel Protection travel insurance: trip cancellation, trip delay, or trip interruption benefits may be triggered by the related circumstances as stated in the policy including the below reasons:

Weather that causes complete cessation of services for at least forty-eight (48) consecutive hours or Your destination is rendered Uninhabitable on the Scheduled Departure Date by a natural disaster (such as hurricane). This benefit will not apply if the potential natural disaster has been forecasted or a storm has been named prior to purchase of this coverage;
Mandatory evacuation (or public official evacuation advisements where there is no mandatory evacuation) issued by local government authorities at Your Trip destination due to hurricane or other natural disaster;
The unit on Your scheduled arrival date or during the course of Your Trip becomes inaccessible for forty-eight (48) consecutive hours at the direction of local authorities due to closure of local roadways or local municipality as a result of fire, flood, volcano, earthquake hurricane or other natural disaster;
To date, storm Florence has not triggered any of the above circumstances at east coast destinations, but should you think that a covered reason may apply, you can contact customer support to get answers to questions or to file a claim.  Your property manager and local news sources can also help keep you up-to-date while on your trip of storm developments, advisories, and any evacuations ordered by local or state authorities.
If you have additional questions, need service before or during your trip, or need file a claim, please call the below:
24/7 Emergency Assistance:
Within U.S./Canada: (833) 425-5099
Outside U.S./Canada: (603) 952-2684
Claims questions:
Within U.S./Canada: (833) 610-0736
Outside U.S./Canada: (843) 494-5909
Policy & Coverage questions:
Within U.S./Canada: (833) 610-0736
Outside U.S./Canada: (843) 494-5909
Safe travels!

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