Property Protection Please

Security deposits are a real pain for most property managers. Reminding the potential guest that “you might break my stuff and have to pay for it” is not a real winner of a conversation piece when you are trying to motivate the potential guest to book a stay. And the very act of charging a big enough deposit to cover real damage discourages frugal people from booking, so taking large deposits actually works against you and your bottom line.

And if you have ever attempted to actually hit a guest’s card for the damages, you know full well that the guest has rights enforced by merchant processing rules and banking laws which for honest managers might as well be “the right for guests to damage property and not have to pay for it.”

So here’s a thought: get rid of security deposits! There’s a better way.  It’s called limited damage protection, and it is a winner for owners, managers, and guests.

Instead of demanding additional deposits of guests and clients, offer your guests peace of mind: for a small charge of $40-$60 per stay (you get to name the price within reason), guests can have the peace of mind knowing that if something gets accidentally broken, the damage will be covered up to a limit such as $1500 or $3000.  A real insurance provider will cover you for the liabilities, process the damages, and pay you (not the guest).   And you earn revenue with each transaction, protect the properties you manage, and foster guest happiness at the same time. Wow!

Imagine two conversations:

Conversation A.  “Hi Mr. valued guest, you broke something, so I am going to charge your credit card $hundreds of additional dollars to repair the damage. By the way, hope you book with us next year…”

Conversation B. “Hi valued guest: remember that wonderful program I told you about?  Well you don’t have to worry about that damaged item.  We’ll facilitate the submission and we get paid direct.  Thanks again for staying with us.  Can I book you for your next stay?…”

Now ask yourself a question: “Which conversation do I want to have? “

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